Bad Theology

Making movies with something to say.



WINNER - Rising Star Award
2016 Naples International Film Festival

WINNER - Audience Award (Best Film)
2016 Push! Film Festival

WINNER - Jury Award (Best Film)
2016 Push! Film Festival

WINNER - Audience Award (Best Film)
2016 Charlotte Film Festival

WINNER - Best Director
2017 Beaufort International Film Festival

WINNER - Best Actor
2017 Beaufort International Film Festival

WINNER - Jury Award (Best Film)
2016 South Bay Film & Music Festival

WINNER - Emerging Filmmaker Award
2016 South Bay Film & Music Festival


"★★★★. Immediately ranks among the absolute best films of 2016." Addicted to Horror Movies

"★★★★. Terrifying … An engaging, smart and clever drama that gets in your head right from the start and it stays there long after the film is over." Video Views

“★★★★. Ambitious … Pushes the nature of relationships to a true zenith of filmmaking imagination.” Why So Blu?

"★★★★. Torrey manages to flip what would seem to be a talky confrontation film and organically lets it become a darkly symbolic allegory on love itself." That Moment In

“★★★★. A drama that turns thriller to almost horror.” So Reel Flix

"Includes an encounter on the road that Torrey stages and shoots superbly, generating ample suspense ... this is a tightly constructed and well acted indie with a few standout sequences." Los Angeles Times

"Tense and powerful, building masterfully to one stunningly symbolic moment that may stay in your memory long after the movie is over.  It's a breathtaking image, worthy to stand alongside some of the most indelible images in film." HK & Cult News

"Unbelievably tense … Slowly drew me in to its dark twisted embrace and would not let me go… A gem of an independent movie." Horror Buzz

“Fascinating … Unlike anything you’ve seen.” Cinema Slasher

"A gripping and anxiety inducing cinematic wonderland … The kind of film that lingers in your psyche long after you’ve watched it." The Independent Critic

“Palpable anxiety … Tight writing and brilliant performances … You’ll think you’ve got it figured out and be wrong every time.” Legless Corpse

“Fare is the real deal … A stunning debut feature.” Bloody Flicks

“Flawless … Pure suspense.” We Are Indie Horror

“Brilliant.” We Live Movies

“Fascinating … Meticulous … Phenomenal performances.”

“A ride.” The Slaughtered Bird

"Real and inspired, and at times these issues are so concretely believable." Dread Central

"Fare takes chances – most work – and never looks back. You'll become glued to the screen." Film Threat


"One of the best indies you'll see hit VOD today!" Addicted to Horror Movies

"Uber movie just one of many in the works..." Sydney Morning Herald

"Ride-share thriller to premiere at Newport Beach..."

"Charlotte thriller premiering at Newport Beach..." NC Film News

"Fare premieres April 26 and we've got the trailer to get you pumped!" Addicted to Horror Movies